I’m Giulia, Life Coach and Career Coach based in Milan. I work with clients all over the world in English, Italian, and German.

I’m here to help you create a life that feels good and free to YOU.

Yes, I emphasize the word YOU because I firmly believe that there aren’t single definitions of “good” and “freedom.” The most valid ones, are ones that you pick, and that work best for you.

I have transformed my many professional experiences, my travels around the world and my skills into a unique method: Road Coaching, to support you in creating your own “ROAD”, both on a personal and professional level.

Working with you, I would love to concentrate on these aspects:


Career: I will help you discover your professional talents and find a job aligned with your values ​​and the lifestyle you want.


Entrepreneurship: I will help you start your own professional dream, clarifying your mission, defining winning products / services and a marketing strategy in line with your personality.


Finding solutions: Together, we will create not only a plan B but also a plan C and D, because I am convinced that each one of us has almost infinite possibilities. It’s only about discovering them!


Stress: I will help you relax, find time for yourself and manage your day more effectively by integrating relaxation, meditation techniques and Restorative Yoga in our sessions.

I’m all about freedom, possibility, awareness and creativity. And these are the guiding themes of my coaching method as well.

I believe in a mix of dreams and planning, of strategy and faith, of experience and flexibility. Working with me means we will put our heads, hearts and instincts on the table in order to co-design your path ahead.  

I don’t believe in “overcomplicating” things or manufacturing “drama.” I like helping you find new solutions with lightness, ease and creativity.

If needed, I will also be a mentor, supporting you with advice, ideas and doing the work with you. Essentially, I am a coach who helps you find your personal answers and strategies.

I’m here to help you remember that possibilities and freedom are at your fingertips!

Are you looking for an instant boost of confidence and freedom? I’m here to help!

Let’s schedule a 30-minute virtual “tea break” together, so we can talk about your dreams, goals, and how we can get you there.

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How I can help you

I am a Coach, and Coaching is a personal development tool.

Basically I help you to discover or rediscover what you need to reach your goals. And I do it through two different online and in person coaching programs:

Road to freedom

A 1:1 coaching program that will help you get crystal clear on what you want and create a plan to to get it.  With Road to Freedom you will open to all the possibilities,  rediscover lightness, freedom and self love.

Discover Road to Freedom

One Day Dream Career Coaching Intensive

Your 1 day intensive in which we get clear on your dream career and move the first steps towards it.


Discover One Day Dream Career Intensive

Happy clients

When I started my coaching sessions with Giulia I was a confused part-time frelance. I had a traditional 9-5 job that filled up most of my days and I also had many limiting beliefs that hindered my business project to kick-start.

I listened to my feelings and chose her as my coach… my feelings did not disappoint me!

I started the coaching program with low energy, many doubts and little self confidence but since after our first session together, I felt much more enthusiastic.

Initially what pushed me to talk with Giulia was exactly that: the energy she gives you showing you your own strength and potential in her kind and unique way.

What I like about Giulia is that she makes you do the job, she does not promise you that it will be easy, she explains exactly how much effort it will take on your part. Coaching does not mean having a magic wand, it means being asked the right questions, just when you need them. Giulia helps you to breathe, reflect and wait for the right answer for you, which always arrives!

Today I am a full-time professional, I take care of supporting top professionals like me and this was possible thanks to Giulia, my “secret weapon”!

Today my insecurity has disappeared, thanks to the work I’ve done on myself and thanks to Giulia’s trust in me. It ‘s been a wonderful journey and Giulia walks by your side in your everyday life until you get where you want to get.

I lined up my possibilities, I created new ones and consciously chose them thanks to Giulia who guided me in my journey. Her payoff is “Create your possibilities”…well, she kept her promise!

 – Vanessa, Virtual Assistant and website developer (Varese, Italy)



In a moment of great uncertainty about my future and lack of stimuli, I came across Giulia’s website.

Visiting her page I discovered the work of a life coach, a professional that does not give you the answers but asks the right questions to be answered to find new insights and get to know yourself better.

After having undertaken Giulia’s mindfulness online course, I decided to contact her directly to start a coaching journey together.

Giulia has been immediately open and precise. We then started our fortnightly skype meetings, where I was able to find that physical and mental space for myself to better understand how to unlock some issues in my life (in my case especially job related issues); our program lasted 6 months and I must say that working with Giulia opened my mind to the possibility and ideas I had never thought before.

I thank Giulia for her accountability, her energy and for her great listening skills …. she made me feel less alone!

  • Sara, M.D. (Pisa, Italy)


The coaching work with Giulia has been very impressive and effective. She helped me with the preparation to face the job market in Italy, not only in drafting my CV and helping me enhance all my skills and talents, but she also shared her market information, training me in the best way on where to find interesting job offers in Italy.

I think she is a great coach for those who are willing to face the challenge of a new career planning and repositioning in Europe. Giulia has made the difference. 

  • Marcelo, Sales Manager and Engineer (Sao Paulo, Brazil)


“Thanks to Giulia, I am discovering qualities that I did not know belonged to me and I am re-evaluating my potential. Our coaching sessions are a work made of small steps on the path of awareness. I’m confident our work together will lead to an inevitable and positive change in my life, the distance between me and the goal to reach is getting shorter!

           – Lucrezia, Finance Controller (Milan, Italy)